Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Online Selling Tip #1 It's Not What You Say--It's How You Say It.

I had a magnet set for sale on Etsy for months and months. It was the cutest darned puppy-paw print magnet set in a recycled Altoid tin covered in coordinating paper, with an adorable metal embellishment on the cover that said “woof”. That thing had over 700 views, but not one taker. It was named something really witty like “Woof Puppy Paw Print Magnet Set in Recycled Altoid Travel Tin”. I got to thinking about whether I had ever seen one just like it before, or would ever make one just like it again. I decided that I wouldn’t. That earned it the title “OOAK” (One Of A Kind, for those of us who are new to the terminology). So I slapped that title on it. Hmmm. Still didn’t sell. I decided to change the title and tag to reflect that this item was upcycled, instead of recycled. BINGO! Sold within a day. Why? The word “upcycled” gives the feel of something old having been improved, or given new life or purpose. You know, like the Jefferson’s—Movin’ On Up. Not just something dusted off and re-used that would otherwise have been destined for the landfill. After all, it was the exact same magnet set with a huge number of views. Selling that piece was a matter of simply reframing into the most positive light possible. Kind of like the doctor who tells his patient that her “condition is chronic”, versus having a “terminal illness”. Makes them both feel a little bit better (OK, albeit very little) about it, and able to adjust as time goes on.

Take a peek at your title and tags and see if they reflect the most positive image of your item. You might be glad you did!